ABORTION; abolish this wicked and immoral practice!

The over-turning of the Roe versus Wade judgement by the United States Supreme Court has catapulted the Abortion / Pro-Life debate into headline international news, as nothing else has done in recent years.

As a society, in Northern Ireland, which has had abortion laws forced upon us by Westminster, we should take note. These laws have been described as extreme; in reality all abortions are extreme because they involve the unjust killing of a most innocent and vulnerable human life.

Roe versus Wade gave women in America a constitutional right to have the lives of their unborn babies terminated in every State throughout the Union. Fifty years later liberal America has failed to win the argument.

The debate of course in America is not over, women will travel to States where abortion is available just as women once traveled to Great Britain from throughout Ireland.

But secular liberalism in one of the world’s leading countries has been pushed onto the defensive and that for me is to be welcomed. My prayer is that women in crisis situations will think again and avail of the support that is available; support and care which will not lead them to make such a tragic decision.

But why has Roe versus Wade been overturned when it was supposed to be the epitome of human rights? The answer is; abortion is a human rights issue not for women but for their unborn babies. The Christian argument that all life is sacred will never go away nor will it be defeated. Christian ethics, a mother’s instinct and even science teaches us quite clearly that the child formed within the womb is a person, a precious human life.

Writing in the 19th Century Philip Schaff, Church historian, gave his assessment as to why Christianity succeeded even though the Roman Empire did its utmost to exterminate it; “The Christian minority with its ideas already controlled the deeper current of history.”

The secularists today who pontificate about the woman’s right to choose, who speak of abortion as a health care issue, who wring their hands condemning the Supreme Court decision are on the wrong side of history.

One day the world will reflect on the abortion industry of this generation with horror in much the same same way as we reflect with rightful indignation upon the horrors of our past, such as slavery.

We pray for and must continue to campaign for the total abolition of this immoral and wretched practice.

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