Welcome to Clogher Valley Free Presbyterian Church

Situated on the A4 between the villages of Clogher and Fivemiletown, our congregation has been worshipping God since it’s formation in 1970. Originally assembling in a wooden building the first permanent meeting house was erected in 1977. In 2021 the congregation moved into our new meeting house with the former building transformed into a church hall. Please browse this website for all the information about our mission & ministry and take time to connect with us should you have any questions or queries.

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Foyer of the meeting house with the historic Presbyterian logo, ‘The Burning Bush’, as a modern design feature

On the first Reformation Sunday in the new meeting house Rev McIntyre explains the meaning of the Burning Bush


Sabbath School – 11:15am

Morning Worship – 11:30am

Sunday Radio Broadcast – Noon (981 MW)

Gospel Service – 7pm

Claremore Bible Club (Seasonal) – 6:30pm (Wednesdays)

Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer – 8:00pm

Thursday Bible Club (Seasonal) – 6:30pm

Friday Youth Fellowship (seasonal) – 8:00pm


Clogher Valley FPC on Sermon Audio
Clogher Valley FPC on Sermon Audio


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  • 31: Tertullian
    When researching early Church history the name Tertullian crops up often. Born in Carthage, 155AD, he was a most prolific author and Christian apologist, before he finally laid down his pen in 220AD.
  • A Good King Dies, 2nd Chronicles 35: 20-27 (Josiah 9)
    Although Josiah had reigned for thirty years he was still a young man at the age of thirty-eight. Throughout his monarchy he had focused almost exclusively upon the spiritual state of his Kingdom, the influence of which had extended throughout all the twelve tribes of Israel, in a manner that had not been felt since Solomon. For eighteen years his reformation had built towards the reinstating of the Passover. For the following twelve years there was a period of consolidation. Nevertheless, a dark shadow loomed like Churchill’s black dog. Rather than a spirit of depression, however, this was the certain […]
  • 30: The Montanists
    Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me. Mark 9:39 From the earliest times the Church was one body, not only in spirit but in visible unity also. This one visible body was known as the Catholic Church or the universal body of Christ, and was quite distinct from the body which would arise centuries later that would became known as the Roman Catholic Church. This visible body was ruptured by a movement known as the Montanists who emerged during the closing years of the […]
  • 29: The Catechumens
    The early Church went to the most enormous lengths to protect the Communion Feast and to guard against false professions. In this day of easy belief when a simple decision is often untried and untested by the spiritual oversight the concept of the catechumen appears foreign ​and unnecessary.
  • Josiah’s Passover; 2nd Chronicles 35:11-19 – Josiah (8)
    This great passover took eighteen years to establish. Converted in the eighth year, he began removing the idols in the twelfth year but it was not until the eighteenth that the temple was resored, the Scriptures recovered, the covenant renewed and the way made ready for this passover feast.