This week we heartily congratulate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd on reaching this notable and historic milestone. Her Platinum Jubilee gives the nation an opportunity to pause and reflect upon seventy years of faithful and dignified service.

It is appropriate that we should mark this historic moment, not only in Her Majesty’s personal life but in the life of our nation also, in the House of God through thanksgiving and by considering relevant topics.

In 1921 Captain James Craig, who would become in that very year the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, met with Eamon De Valera, the IRA leader, future President of the Republic of Ireland in Dublin. It is reported that De Valera was shocked by the discovery that the Ulster Protestant was wedded to the British Crown because they valued it as something sacred and spiritual. While De Valera may well have misunderstood the message somewhat, because the Crown is not to be idolised, there was a clear message from Craig that the Crown represents our Protestant liberties, which were won at great cost. Indeed in the institution of the Monarchy we can trace the unfolding of the Providence of God in the history of our nation.

At this time when a growing number of voices threaten our Union within the United Kingdom, when the Northern Ireland Protocol has weakened our treasured constitutional position it is profitable to reflect upon the value of our historic links with the British Crown.

While some sadly identify with the Union only in terms of economic benefits the true Protestant must look deeper and think more profoundly. God made us British but our Britishness can only be defined in terms of the great Biblical and spiritual movements which brought this nation to God and which forged a future which made us one of the most beneficial forces for good in the history of world.

Join with us during this special season as we congratulate Her Majesty, as we thank God for her service and as we reflect upon what it means to be British.

It is a sad reflection upon the spiritual decline of our nation that this coming Lord’s Day will be characterised by carnivals and street parties. We will mark this occasion by sanctifying Sabbath and praying that our nation would return to the God of our Fathers.


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