28: The Secret Password

The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him

Psalm 25:14

During the days when persecution was fiercest Christians employed secret codes by which which they could identify if someone, they had never met was a genuine believer. One of the most common passwords employed was the Greek word ICHTHUS, meaning fish.

The Christians developed a Gospel message out of ICHTHUS, all of which point to the Saviour of mankind:

Iesus (Jesus)
CHrist (Christ)
THeou (God)
Uios (Son)
Sorter (Saviour)

Therefore, when in conversation a Christian would subtly talk about fish; a fellow believer would recognise the code and therefore true fellowship was possible.

For those of us who enjoy freedom, let us be grateful; for those under persecution, who must resort to codes and passwords, let us pray for security and perseverance.

Walking a Roman street,
Two strangers meet,
And discuss fishing,
Now fellowshipping and praying.

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