The Inhumanity of Evolution; “Neanderthals” and “Homo-sapiens” stealing our true worth

“For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.”

Acts 17:28

It seems to me that despite the technological, mechanical, industrial and medical strides that the human race has made within the past hundred years we are as barbaric and as cruel as we ever were. There is a liberal facade, which creates this pretence that we are humane and civilised. It is a facade which campaigns for the rights of prisoners, which opposes cruelty to children, calls for better pay and working conditions, and which demands equality for everyone. It is only a facade however, a nice clean shopfront which hides filthy things, terrible contradictions. The news media went wild with horror when footballer Kurt Zuma was seen on social media mistreating his cat. Of course what he did was horrible and he is not a fit person to be caring for any animal. But the same liberal media says nothing about the millions of aborted human babies deprived of the opportunity to live, the same liberal elite think nothing of forcing depraved education on children warping their whole thinking where gender and sexuality is concerned. The life of the cat becomes more precious than the life of a child. Behind the facade there is an underlying inhumanity that threatens our survival as a species.

I wonder why this is? How can we appear so generous and kind and liberal while at the same time being barbaric and cruel and depraved?

The most recent ‘findings’ by evolutionists on the history of two of our alleged ancient ancestors sheds some light on where we are as the human race. You have heard of the term ‘a self fulfilling prophecy’, I am sure. If you tell someone they are depraved and useless they will eventually believe what you tell them they are and they will act out that kind of behaviour. Since 1859 and the publication of Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of the Species’ science has been telling humanity that we are animals, savages at heart. The unproven theory of evolution is accepted as mainstream thinking. It moulds society, it shapes thinking especially in the secular western world. Therefore men and women act out what they are told they are – soulless savages devoid of morality or accountability.

The evolutionists claim that modern man belongs to a race known as Homo-sapiens. The race that preceded the Homo-sapiens were the Neanderthals. These scientists have been teaching that the Homo-sapiens who were more intelligent, better organised and more resourceful, savagely exterminated the Neanderthals in a comparatively short time. Therefore assuring our precedence as a race. The old adage set forth by evolutionist and atheist Richard Dawkins comes to mind ‘nature is red in tooth and claw’.

However, this assumption, made on the basis that humanity is an animal, who behaves as an animal has now been debunked by these same evolutionists. As is constantly the case when these scientists discover their thinking to be flawed they change the narrative. They have discovered Neanderthals and Homo-sapients interacted together over long periods of time; they even had children together because every human being on the planet has Neanderthal DNA.

This got me thinking about the state of our society and how the use of flawed names for our ancestors like Neanderthals and Homo-sapiens has a poisonous influence upon our understanding of who we really are.


Despite the best efforts made to segregate our ancestors into these two distinct groups , ‘Neanderthal’ and ‘Homo-sapien’, it has now been shown that they are both human and both groups are the ancestors of everyone alive on the planet today. If these two people groups lived together, traded together, produced children together and loved one another then they were human beings as we are.

The evolutionist draws his little pictures of the Neanderthal being bigger, more ape like in appearance and not as clever. The Homo-sapien is more refined, wiser and more like us. Because these two groups are made to look different on account of a few people of bones, our ancestors are dehumanised and we are therefore dehumanised.

Dehumanising people on account of their appearance, their skin tone, their culture; sound familiar? It should should because this is the bread and butter of racism.

No philosophy as given so much moral backing to the scourge of racism as evolution. In his book “The Descent of Man” Darwin argued that natural selection would eliminate “savage races” in favour of the civilised races of men. Thomas Huxley, Darwin”s greatest public advocate, said it was irrational to believe that the “negro” was the equal of or could ever be superior to the white man. The phrase was coined “survival of the fittest” to not only explain our past but to justify atrocities of the present and the future. We can see where this is going – if science teaches that one section of humanity is superior and that the survival of mankind depends upon this superior race then the weak and inferior need to be eradicated.

There are more grounds for removing statues of Charles Darwin, of which this one in the Natural History Museum in London is an example, on the grounds of his ‘racist’ beliefs than for some of the statues that were removed in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests.

This eventually reached fulfilment in the godless philosophies of Hitler and the Third Reich. Eugenics, the scientific development of a super race, the concentration camps, the extermination of inferior races, especially the Jews, all were seeded by the teachings of Darwin. The abuse of the African peoples, which started before Darwin, were given credibility by his ideas, and today abortion and euthanasia, the removal of those who are weak for the greater good, is the acting out of ‘the survival of the fittest’.

Where race is concerned, and I often want to shout this from the housetops, – ‘racism’ is a racist slur. To use the term racist to define someone who hates a person on account of their culture, skin tone, ethic origin is in itself racist. It is a reinforcing of the Neanderthal – Homo-sapien mentality. Humanity does not consist of several races but one race. Evolution has taught society that we are different on account of how we look. God teaches us that we have one Father, one Creator, one common ancestor. We love each other, can marry each other, can interact with each other and we do and because our human hearts and human natures are the same. There is no philosophy which unites and uplifts humanity quite like Scripture and the message of Christianity.


Evolution looks at the fox terrorising the hen, the tiger lurking, waiting on its prey or the cuckoo preying upon the other chicks in the nest and concludes that we are no different. At our hearts we are animals and brutality is our instinct.

It is no wonder that across the western world that “highly developed man” is struggling with such base instincts as murder, violence, rape, incest, child abuse. The depravity of our times is never ending. Cruelty stalks our shadow at every step. Evolution rather than being the answer actuality reinforces the reason why cruelty exists.

The evolutionist tries to speculate on relationships between the Neanderthals and Homo-sapients. He cannot think in terms of love and respect. He sees only coercion and self interest where both races are concerned. Because this is the very dark and sinister way in which he understands humanity. Love and morality contribute nothing to man’s evolutionary progress, according to his thinking.

It is not by accident that society is becoming ever more preoccupied by the dark side. Television and cinema depend on graphic violence, immoral behaviour vividly portrayed and foul language to attract viewers. Wholesome stories, the kind of tales that were popular in a bye-gone era are no more. There is a darkness that is all pervasive.


At the heart of evolution is the idea that a moral code does not exist. Like every other creature we are here is survive, to pass on our genes, to procreate. In the absence of God, a Creator, whom we will stand before one day, the basic instincts of human are unleashed with terrible consequences.

It is true that one of our purposes as a race is to procreate. But this purpose is not a consequence of evolutionary behaviour but as consequence of the command of our Creator; be fruitful, go forth and multiply.

The fulfilling of this command, however, is framed within Biblical morality. Our Creator determines marriage as the life long commitment of one man to one woman as the ordinary means whereby children are to be brought into the world. Therefore human nature is not to set loose in a beastly fashion but is to be controlled, nurtured, cared for.

The growing trend in society is for people, especially the young to have the morals of ally cats. Of course this is not a surprise because the philosophy of evolution teaches that men and women are actually no better and have the same instincts as ally cats.


Evolution is most attractive to modern man because it removes all accountability. If there is no God, if we are the product of random forces and if we are free to act out our basic instincts – then let us eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. There is no God, no moral code, no judgement day.

It is astonishing the lengths to which educated man will go in his quest to deny God.

The Crab Nebula is the leftover, or remnant, of a massive star in our Milky Way that died 6,500 light-years away. Astronomers and careful observers saw the supernova in the year 1054. Image credit: NASA, ESA, J. Hester and A. Loll (Arizona State University)

The universe is so big it is practically infinite. All of the time stars are exploding, light is beginning to glimmer while light in other places is dying. The universe is a diverse place full of chemical reactions, constellations, planets, moons, astroids , meteorites – it is a place of wonder and beauty. There is only one place where there are creatures who look up at the universe asking the questions “Why am I here? What is my purpose? How big is the universe? How can I understand this immensity?” These creatures live on the one planet amid the vastness that can sustain life. This one planet feeds off the one star, our Sun, whose heat and warmth gives life. This one planet, Earth, is at exactly the correct location where it is neither a frozen wasteland nor an uninhabitable desert. It’s proximity to the Sun is precise. There are other planets in the Universe which never rotate. One half always faces the coldness of the universe frozen in time while the other half enjoys some heat and some light. Yet there cannot life. Earth rotates on an axis, orbiting the Sun giving us day and night, heat and cold, summer and winter, seed time and harvest. All of this as a consequence of random forces! Oh how this cries out for a designer, it is designed, these bodies so fearfully and wonderfully made! But the obvious is too challenging, too unpalatable for rebellious man.


The Bible is the one book that truly elevates humanity. Human life is precious because it was made in the image of God. God breathed into Adam the breath of life and he became a living soul. Cosmologists talk about the Sun creating life on Earth and that mankind is the greatest achievement of our nearest star. The Scriptures, however, talk about the God who made us a little lower than the angels, who crowned us with glory and honour.

“O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!who hast set thy glory above the heavens…What is man, that thou art mindful of him?and the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.” (Psalm 8)

The greatest dignity that God granted humanity, however, was His sending His own Son in the likeness of human flesh to die and redeem us from our sin through the shedding of His precious blood.

As Christians we are aware of the broken reality of our race. But we know there is hope, there is light in the darkness, there is a Redeemer who brings hope to a hopeless world.

But the evolutionist sees only a race struggling to survive, living in the darkness of the struggle. This race depends on a Sun which is itself a dying thing. One day the Sun will begin to fade as its resources fail, one day our species will die with our failing star, one day the Sun will cease to burn, the Earth will become a lump of rock frozen in space, one day the age of stars will end and the entire universe will become a black cold void. What is the purpose? Where is the Hope? There is no light.

Contrast the abysmal hypothesis of the evolutionist with the hope of redemption, with the glory of the Gospel, with the reclaiming of the world from the curse and from death, with a new heaven and new earth, with the lion lying down with the lamb, with the reign of Christ the Prince of Peace.

Only the Bible gives us understanding, only Christ gives us hope, the Gospel alone is our light satisfying the deepest longing of the human soul.

The deepest longing of the human soul is love,

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