THE MIDNIGHT HOUR; Some Thoughts on COP26

Our news media is currently dominated by the international conference, convened in Glasgow known as COP26. From across the world, leaders of many nations large and great, rich and poor are assembling, aiming to reach agreement on ‘saving the planet’.

Yes, that is their ambition – to save Earth from the catastrophe known as ‘global warming’.

We are being treated to a deluge of dire consequences should the delegates fail in the task that is set before them. Rising sea levels, soaring temperatures and increased rainfall will destroy livelihoods, ruin homes and kill millions of human beings. Habitats will be lost and parts of the world will be abandoned by humans.

Boris Johnston has talked about mankind facing the midnight hour.

With thousands of protesters, many of them school children skipping classes, converging on Glasgow with teenage campaigner Greta Thunberg as their talisman, the Glasgow conference is set to enjoy weeks of global coverage, driving environmental issues further up the agenda.

As with every area of life, mankind has mismanaged the environment. Rubbish, waste and pollution are scarring our beautiful planet. We all stand guilty and there is something we all can do to make our world cleaner and safer.

Are we really at the midnight hour though, and can we trust mankind to correct the inherent foolishness of our depraved nature? That is – without a change of heart. Can the criminals sit on the jury and can the guilty enforce the law?

The COP26 conference will cobble together a deal, which will ultimately fail because it will miss the real reason why mankind is a chaotic and disastrous species.

At the core of all our problems is sin, the planet is cursed and we are cursed because mankind has abandoned God and risks being abandoned absolutely by God.

COP26 is a vanity project where conceited headline grabbers stage a platform in their quest to become the saviours of the human race. Who wouldn’t want such a noble legacy? There is pride, deceit and delusion. Hands are wrung at a warming earth while those same world leaders wilfully accept and argue for the murder of millions of lives in their mothers’ wombs each year. The hypocrisy and duplicity is astonishing as humanity returns to the days of Noah.

COP26 would be better served by firstly understanding that the world is doomed because humanity is a broken. We cannot play god nor can we control our destiny. The future is not in our hands.

One day the midnight hour will strike, Jesus Christ will return, and set up His judgement seat to deal with this depraved race once and for all. Finally mankind will realise that he is a ruined creature suffering from centuries of delusional grandeur. This is the message that is missing, this is the message the world needs to hear today, not some nonsense about mankind saving the planet!

It is only when men and women come face to face with their sin, eternity and the only Saviour who is Jesus Christ that we can move forward with hope.

Man cannot become elevated into what he can be and could be without first of all acknowledging the perfect humanity of Christ, who lived and died for our sins that we we might have hope through Him. One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. May God speed the day when the nations begin looking Christ-ward rather than inward!

“In Christ alone our hope is found”

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