Forty-four years have passed,
Since the doors were opened,
The gathering congregation,
Hearing the gospel of salvation.

Dr Paisley, present at that time,
The big man then in his prime;
Boldly preaching from the pulpit,
Don’t lose the Lord’s Spirit!

Rev Patrick’s was the first ministry;
Rev’s Allen, Johnstone & Priestley,
Followed on; Christ preaching;
Expounding, exhorting, pastoring.

2002, the year of our Lord,
I came preaching the Word
From this desk so sacred,
By God’s folk so encouraged.

This pulpit, these walls and pews,
Have witnessed a variety of news;
Funerals, weddings, dedications;
Best of all, happy conversions.

Friends, once with us worshipping,
Now in the heavenly choir singing.
Leaving this earthly place,
Will you join them in their bliss?

This year of national centenary,
A new chapter in our history;
Moving our Sunday meeting,
To our new church building.

Our people giving assistance,
To the committee inspiring confidence;
Sacrificing, praying with vision,
Pressing forward, no reservation.

Turning another page in our story,
May the Lamb have all the glory!
O may the Spirit visit the meeting,
Christ’s lovely face shining.

This week, in the will of our Lord,
A new door opened for the Word,
Another gathering congregation,
Hearing the same gospel of salvation.

Peter McIntyre

Written for the last Sunday in the old 
Clogher Valley Free Presbyterian Meeting House 
10th October 2021

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