THE CURSE OF A SECULAR SOCIETY; The Decline & Doom of Western European Civilisation

Christian apologist, John Lennox, in “Gunning for God”, relates the story of an elderly Hasidic Jew facing a German soldier during WW2. He had just dug his own grave and as the soldier raised the barrel of his rifle the Jew addressed his would be assassin:

“God is watching what you are doing”.

Indifferent to the dignified statement the soldier murdered the old man. He did not believe that God was watching him. John Lennox then notes that all of the horrors perpetuated throughout the Twentieth Century by the Nazis and the Communists were carried out by a mindset that did not believe that God was watching before making this telling comment;

“That is after all the meaning of a secular society”.

Secularism describes the philosophy underpinning the state across much of the western world.  In Europe secularism signifies, in part, that nations are no longer influenced by the doctrines and morality of the church. 

But it means much more than this. 

Secular Europe has become not merely indifferent but totally antagonistic to the concept that human beings are accountable to God, who watches over us as creator and judge.

Therefore, if John Lennox is correct, this places Europe, in severe danger because the godless philosophies of Nazism and Communism which led our continent into genocide, were erected upon the same foundation; NO GOD.

The secular nation is not merely a separation of church and state. The state has a role to fulfil in looking after the material lot of its citizens, with the church being responsible for their spiritual welfare. Where the church has employed the arm of the state to convert the population the end result has always ended in failure, because fundamentally Christianity must be embraced by a change of heart.

The secular nation does much more than separate church and state.

The secular nation throws off the ethics of the Judeo-Christian tradition which moulded and shaped the development of the nations in Western Europe.

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the peoples of Europe formed the nations that we recognise today. Although they were a disparate people, there was one development which they had in common with one another; the Christian faith which outlasted the empire and continued to flourish in the new political situation that arose.

It is impossible to view the history of Europe without Christianity. It is also impossible to view the history of Europe, and especially of these British Isles without acknowledging the power of Reformation Christianity, which helped to create a free society where our Parliament became the mother of all parliaments. The steady secularisation of the west, which has grown apace in the post war era, has chipped away and virtually destroyed the foundations that once made Britain the envy of the world.

Liberal divorce legislation has helped to erode the importance of marriage, an institution which is fundamental to any successful society. The decriminalisation of homosexuality not only legitimised a most unchristian lifestyle but provided a platform for the promotion of what we now know as the LGBT lobby. Abortion has become the greatest single crime and symbol of this secular age. Murder in the womb is the manifestation of a society which believes that God neither knows nor cares because there is no God. It is a sad irony that there is more concern for plastic in the oceans than babies in the womb. Gay marriage has been the latest emblem of this secular society as the biblical definition of marriage is no longer accepted by the state.

As the certainties of the past, which served our nation well, are removed, other certainties are questioned and seeds of confusion are sown. Nothing is off limits now in the world of morality and gender. As people, even young children are given the right to redefine their gender, the rights of Christians to refuse this liberal dogma are attacked.

Under the facade of rights the liberal juggernaut is driving through society. It is promoted in soaps, movies, chat shows and the news agenda. As the secular society jettisons the moral code of God’s Word charting a course to a decadent future morality will continue to be redefined.

The clamour for assisted suicide, preying on our most vulnerable outside the womb, will intensify and other depravities, now considered unthinkable will be acceptable. Wasn’t homosexuality once a considered depravity culturally and legally and wasn’t the idea that one could reassign gender considered both ludicrous and a denial of nature?

As the foundations are swept away society will creak and groan being unable to suffer the pressure that its own recklessness has placed it under.

We are already witnessing the effects of a society which defies God, to some extent.

The post war years which have witnessed the secularisation of our nation and continent have been characterised by the progressive decline of the United Kingdom, in world terms. Britannia no longer rules the waves! The union of our nations, which has been at the heart of British prosperity, is now under greater threat than at any time since the Act of Union.

We stare into an unknown and uncertain future  without our moral values, as a nation that has forgotten God.   

If there is one lesson we learn from the Twentieth Century it is this – the secular state is doomed to failure. Where a nation abandons God we are not to expect blessing or success, only judgement.  Yet our continent, and especially our nation is repeating the same mistakes in the Twenty-First Century, except on a grander and more tragic scale.

If there was ever a need from the church to apply 2nd Chronicles 7:14 with burden and passion now is the time. 

Apathy, indifference, lack of prayer and worldliness among Christians and apostasy within Christian denominations brings the weight of responsibility for the decline of our nation upon the Church.  

May God turn us from our wicked ways and heal our land!”


  1. Good morning Peter. I have thoroughly enjoyed this message. How true it is. May we all apply 2nd chronicles 7v14 more fervently. I am in bed at present with covid but I’m improving.

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