GLOBAL WARMING & NATURAL DISASTERS; Man’s Arrogance & God’s Sovereignty

As we bask in hot summer sunshine here in the United Kingdom, enjoying an unusually dry spell with soaring temperatures, the subject of global warming and carbon emissions inevitably raises its head in the public sphere.

Hot weather in Europe has already been deemed responsible for the catastrophic and fatal flooding in Germany and the Netherlands. Around the world dry weather and global warming is responsible for raging fires, destroying precious habitats and threatening human life. All of this is coming on the back of sixteen months of Covid-19, with another wave of the virus sweeping through Britain, creating even more uncertainty, despite the loosening of the restrictions.

The most tragic aspect of all of this, however, is not the problem but man’s response to the problem.

Natural disasters are not a new phenomenon.

Every year one part of of the world or another is afflicted with volcanic eruptions, catastrophic earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, floods, new contagious diseases or a host of other tragedies caused by the power of the natural world. These events have been taking place for millennia and will continue to work their deadly havoc as long as time exists.

What is particularly evident today, however, is man’s boast that he can somehow control the weather and conquer the pandemic by his own efforts alone. There is no doubt that human ingenuity and wisdom can work wonders and for that we are grateful. It is equally true that pollution pumped into the atmosphere desecrates the purity of the environment and we all have a responsibly in that regard.

But this does not mean that mankind is the master of this universe. Man does not have the answers to the woes of the world. Yet proudly he thinks that he has; or at least he creates this impression.

There is one who controls the wind and waves – He is the Creator of all things. In vain man excludes Him from the equation and in so doing stumbles on in the darkness.

All of the disasters that befall the world and threaten our existence are a consequence of the curse with which God afflicted the world because of sin. This is where our understanding of the natural world begins.

Creation is in bondage; a broken environment and it is this brokenness which unleashes such fury upon our fragile lives.

The brokenness of the natural world merely echoes the brokenness of our own lives and hearts, our ungodliness, and our desire to ignore God and live for our own foolish pleasure.

As lockdown was lifted in England the news was filled with people crowding into the pubs and clubs without a care for eternity despite the tens of thousands of lives lost during this pandemic, without a thought for God, for eternity – for the things that really matter and which determine the destiny of the soul.

The uncertainties of living on planet earth screams out for redemption. God through His superintendency of the planet is warning us, teaching us, that sin has consequences and that there only is one hope for humanity – the grace of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


“Father we thank you for our Lord Jesus Christ who secured redemption for this broken world through the brokenness which He experienced on Calvary. We thank you for the liberation experienced only through His death and resurrection.

We thank you for the wonderful summer sunshine and help us to enjoy this gift safely and with gratitude.

We pray for all who suffer whether as a result of COVID, the floods in Europe, the fires in Siberia or countless other places where there is pain and sorrow.

We pray that our society would open its eyes to the brokenness of our world and look for the redemption found alone in Christ, our only hope.


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