On the Passing of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

It is with great sadness that we have heard the news of Prince Philip’s death.

Throughout the long reign of Queen Elizabeth 2nd, and throughout a marriage which has been even longer, the Duke of Edinburgh has been her faithful husband and companion. He served Britain with distinction as a naval officer before embarking on a lifetime of royal service when marrying Princess Elizabeth, who would become Queen much earlier than anticipated owing to her Father’s early death.

His contribution to the reign of Queen Elizabeth 2nd, who has provided our nation with such an honourable example of duty and consistency, has been immeasurable. Theirs was a marriage which was a lesson in the value and virtue of holy matrimony. Prince Philip’s personal life is an illustration of duty, which often meant remaining in the background for the greater good. He will also be remembered fondly for his smile and sense of wit which was apparent for all to see and for the positive influence of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Today we reflect upon the Queen as a widow who has lost her life’s partner and we pray that God would be a comfort in grief.

We also reflect upon the journey of life which bears people of all classes and ages to the grave and to eternity. The Duke of Edinburgh has reached the end of his journey as we all must do. Regardless of our position we all must make preparation for that time when the dead small and great will stand before God.

Let us pray thoughtfully and considerately today for our Queen and the entire Royal Family.

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